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Open enrollment!  Register and begin the course at any time.  As soon as I receive your payment and registration, the course materials are sent that same day or the next day priority mail and you’re set to begin. If you are paying by check or money order, please mail payment and registration together through the postal mail. If you are paying with credit card over the phone, please fax or email your registration. I do not have on-line registration.

I accept any form of check, money order, or credit card payment over the phone.  *Please note there is an additional charge of approximately 3.5% for credit card fees.

The  MEPAP 2nd Edition registrations below are for the nationally approved course required for national certification through NCCAP.

*Keep in mind that MEPAP Part 1 is recognized as a state qualifying activity training course in most states.  If the state you live in is not listed below, you can still become state qualified by completing MEPAP Part 1 (180 hours).

If you would like a registration form for one of the state level activity training courses listed below, please contact Theresa Thorland directly.

  • Iowa – Minimum 75 hours (Recognized in Iowa only)
  • Iowa – Minimum 45 hours (Iowa Residential Care Facilities only)
  • Missouri – Minimum 36 hours (Recognized in Missouri only)
  • Montana – Minimum 40 hours (Recognized in Montana only)
  • Nebraska – Minimum 42 hours (Recognized in Nebraska only)
  • New Mexico – Minimum 40 hours (Recognized in New Mexico only)
  • North Dakota – Minimum 90 hours (Recognized in North Dakota only)
  • Oregon – Minimum 36 hours (Recognized in Oregon only)
  • South Dakota – Minimum 45 hours (Recognized in South Dakota only)
  • Tennessee – Minimum 40 hours (Recognized in Tennessee only)

MEPAP Registration

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