MEPAP 2nd Edition Part 1 and Part 2

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Home Study format Overview
Theresa pioneered the first home study format to teach MEPAP 2nd Edition. This home study format was designed with convenience, cost effectiveness, and time management in mind for the busy Activity Professional. You, the student, will be able to complete the MEPAP 2nd Edition, Part One and/or Part Two, at your own pace without a timely and costly commute to the traditional classroom. You do not have to wait for a class to begin only to have it canceled due to low registration numbers. With this format, you may begin at any time and you will have one full year to complete Part One and an additional full year to complete Part Two.

While you are working independently, the course is very interactive therefore you will be engaging with residents, co-workers, family, as well as connecting with community resources. You will take an in-depth look at your documentation methods, program calendars, and resident population in the facility you work in resulting in a clear understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement in your individual Activity Department.

Each student will be required to secure a Practicum Supervisor with one of the following criteria:

  • Licensed or Certified in his/her field
  • A qualified Activity Professional
  • A Consultant for the Activity Department
  • Minimum of one year supervisory experience
  • Other with prior approval from Instructor

Expected Outcomes Include:

  • Learn steps towards national certification for Activity Assistant (AAC), Activity Director (ADC), and Activity Consultant (ACC) through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP)
  • Recognize the value of leisure for the aging population
  • Assess the physical, social, and cognitive capabilities of clients for activity planning Develop and implement a plan of care specific to individual needs
  • Facilitate an activity program appropriate for individual clients
  • Become familiar with and utilize community resources such as volunteers, church groups, and various organizations
  • Develop leadership techniques and team building skills
  • Understand Federal and State regulations and facility policy and procedures regarding the activity program.

*It is important to note that upon completion of MEPAP 2nd Edition, Activity Professionals will fulfill one of the educational components developed by NCCAP to be used toward becoming nationally certified as an Activity Assistant (AAC), Activity Director (ADC), or Activity Consultant (ACC). *You will not be certified at this point. Please refer to for complete details and information on Levels of Certification.

MEPAP 2nd Edition Part 1

MEPAP 2nd Edition Part 2

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