What formats do you teach?

I teach MEPAP 2nd Edition as a home study or on-line format.  For the home study the materials are mailed to you through the postal service.  You then complete the work and return to me by mail, email, or fax.  For the on-line format, you are issued a username/password, log into a course portal, and submit your assignments utilizing a ‘dropbox’.  The curriculum is exactly the same for both formats.

Are these courses NCCAP approved? 


When can I start the course?

You may begin at any time.  As soon as I receive the registration and payment, the course packet and/or textbooks are mailed the same day or next day priority mail.  You will be emailed initial paperwork, instructions, and log-in information typically the same day.

How do I register?

On my  website, you can download a registration or click on a ‘Register and Pay’ tab.  I can also email, fax, or snail mail a registration to you.   When I receive your registration form along with payment, your materials will go out that same day or the next business day priority mail.  To avoid delay in receiving course materials, please enclose payment and registration together or, if a facility check is to sent separately, please identify student on check.

How do I pay for the course?

I accept checks or money order; contact instructor for a registration or, download registration from the Activity Director Certification Services website.  I also accept debit or credit card payments over the phone and I will email you a receipt of payment.  You may register and pay through the Activity Director Certification Services website with PayPal or with a credit/debit card checking out as a Guest.

What is the cost of the course?

MEPAP 2nd Edition (Part 1 and Part 2):  $875.00 plus the textbooks                                                                                            $995.00 including the textbooks

Part 1 only:  $520.00
$575.00 including the textbook

Part 2 only:  $520.00
$590.00 including the textbook

What are the required textbooks?

For Part 1: Long Term Care for Activity Professionals, Social Service Professionals, and Recreation Therapist 7th Edition by Elizabeth Best-Martini / Mary Anne Weeks / Priscilla Wirth (I sell at cost + shipping, see above)      

RAI Manual MDS 3.0  Facility provided or Instructor will email you links to download                             

For Part 2: Effective Management in Therapeutic Recreation Service 3rd Edition by Marcia Jean Carter / Christen G. Smith / and Gerald S. O’Morrow (I sell at cost + shipping, see above)

Textbooks are required for either on-line or home study/correspondence format.

What information will be covered in these courses?
Course outcomes include:

  • Learn steps towards national certification through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP)
  • Recognize the value of leisure for the aging population
  • Assess the physical, social, and cognitive capabilities of clients for activity planning
  • Documentation and MDS coding
  • Develop and implement a plan of care specific to individual needs
  • Facilitate an activity program appropriate for individual clients
  • Become familiar with and utilize community resources such as volunteers, church groups, and various organizations
  • Develop leadership techniques and teambuilding skills
  • Understand Federal and State regulations and facility policy and procedures regarding the activity program

How are the assignments sent to the instructor?

Assignments are to be sent through the postal mail, fax, or email (Home Study). Make a copy for yourself and send the original. Home work packets will not be returned after the review is complete.  Course Portal dropbox for the On-Line.

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

You have one full year to complete Part One and an additional full year to complete Part Two. Since this is a self-paced course it is up to you how quickly you complete the work. It is your responsibility to structure your schedule in order to complete the course timely.

If for any reason I am unable to complete the course, can I have a refund?

After ten days of instructor receiving payment and registration, there is no refund. Instructor will send a confirmation email to let the student know that the registration and payment have been received.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, once all of the coursework is completed in full, reviewed, and determined passing, a Certificate of Completion will be sent by email.  Certificates of Completion are awarded for each course.

Are there other Activity training courses in addition to MEPAP 2nd Edition offered?

MEPAP Part 1 will qualify you in many states (including those listed below) and is one of the required components for national certification.  I teach the following state level Activity training courses.  Keep in mind these courses are only recognized in that specific state.  If you ever plan to move or, if it is your professional goal to become nationally certified, then I recommend MEPAP Part 1.  All of these course have been approved by the individual state’s Department of Health or Department of Inspection and Appeals:

  •     Iowa—Minimum of 75 hours (SNF)
  •     Iowa—Minimum of 45 hours (RCF)
  •     Montana—Minimum of 40 hours
  •     Missouri—Minimum of 36 hours
  •     Nebraska—Minimum of 36 hours
  •     New Mexico—Minimum of 40 hours
  •     North Dakota—Minimum of 90 hours
  •     Oregon—Minimum of 36 hours
  •     South Dakota—Minimum of 45 hours
  •     Tennessee—Minimum of 40 hours
  •     Wisconsin—Minimum of 90 hours

These courses are completely separate from MEPAP 2nd Edition; National certification through NCCAP is recognized in all states.  Please contact me for registration/book costs for your specific state listed above.

How do I contact the Instructor?

I am available through email, text, and/or phone calls. I check my emails daily and will return messages as soon as possible.   If you are expecting an email and have not received one, be sure to check your junk mail.  I always reply to my messages.