Home Study and on-line MEPAP 2nd Edition, State Activity Training courses, and Continuing Education courses

Activity Director Certification Services offer home study and on-line courses for activity professionals seeking to become nationally certified or state qualified to work in nursing homes or, are in need of continuing education. The home study and on-line course formats are designed to allow the student to work at their own pace with hands on learning experiences at each student’s individual facility. Home study or on-line offers a convenient method of learning, especially for those who are unable to commute to the traditional classroom setting while allowing the flexibility to register at any time. No more waiting for a class to begin only to be canceled due to lack of student registrations, traveling to the classroom, or giving up week-ends. Students have easy access to the instructor through correspondence either by email or telephone and are encouraged to contact the instructor as often as needed.


On site consulting is available as facilities desire and tailored to address your Activity Departments needs and concerns. When Theresa visits your facility, you can expect her to work side by side with you and your staff out on the floor. This will ensure that you experience the visit while allowing you to receive practical advice with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and problem solve in areas of concern. Theresa also wants to celebrate with you on areas your facility shines!

Services will include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation and education of quality of care
  • Documentation
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Staff scheduling
  • Leadership
  • Interdisciplinary training
  • Cultural Change
  • Resources
  • Innovative Programming
  • Other areas as requested

New Mexico Only

Renewal of state qualified activity professionals: Theresa Thorland is approved by the New Mexico Department of Health to review applications and renew state qualifications for activity professionals.


By request

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