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  1. Thanks to Theresa I have earned my ADPC certification. The class is well planned, organized, and easy to understand. Theresa was very fast at responding when I had a question. She has a way of explaining things making the lessons easy to understand. The textbooks needed for the class are great. I have enjoyed the learning experience I got from this class. The class has taught me about understanding resident’s behavior, and the survey process. Thank you Theresa for all you taught me and making me more successful on my job.
    Angela Brock.

  2. My name is Kaycee McCallum, last year in March I accepted a position as the Activity Director of my facility and I needed to find the most convenient way for me to become qualified by the State of Colorado‚Äôs standards. I was told I would have to drive 6 hours to Littleton, CO for a 4 day stay for 4 months in a row to take the state approved course to become qualified. So I began to search the Web and I found a Site by Theresa for the same class done at your own pace and at home. I immediately wrote to her. I found some months with my full time job, not much homework got done. But with the course you have 9 months to complete it all. This course saved our facility over $5,000.00 because of the cost of driving, hotel, and food expense. Another great thing was the fact that if I ever had a question or problem; Theresa was just an email away. She always responded very promptly and was willing to assist with any concern I had. I will also be doing MEPAP Part 2 through Theresa’s Home Study.

  3. I just cannot say enough about Theresa’s MEPAP I course. I have been an activities professional for many years and thought that I knew it all. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned during the course! The required textbooks are definitely keepers. I will definitely keep them on hand for future reference. As for the instruction and the layout of the course, Theresa is super easy to chat with and readily accessible whenever help is needed. I will definitely be recommending this course to my very busy peers! I would not have been able to complete the course if I had to meet with a group in a classroom. I can certainly recommend Theresa’s course with a great deal of confidence. Time and money well spent! Thanks so much, Theresa!

  4. I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks for being so easily reached. It was a worry of mine taking long distance class that it would be hard to communicate. I am familiar with long distance classes from college and know how challenging it can be to reach a professor. That was not the case with you. Thank you for being so prompt in returning all my emails and questions. This course was a great experience. The assignments were very relevant to my daily work and I really feel that I gained a lot from your course. At first glance, I thought there was so much information to help me become better at this profession. This was especially true of the practicum assignments. Many of these events won’t soon be forgotten by me, our staff here at Medford Leas, and most importantly, the residents. Thanks again!

  5. The Home Study course that I had the opportunity of taking thru Theresa Thorland was an experience I will never forget. She made the whole process a dream come true for me. The course was laid out in a way that anyone who wanted to, could follow. Theresa was very supportive and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed thru the entire process. If ever I needed her for assistance she was there for me. I am 46 years old, and I managed to achieve a life long dream, and that was to be become a Certified Activity Director. I give Theresa all the praise and glory for her constant support and guidance. I am currently enrolled in the MEPAP II course that Theresa offers as a Home Study because I would want no other to guide me thru this as well.

  6. I enjoyed taking this course very much as my knowledge of the benifits of activities and the elderly increased greatly. The information in this course was presented by my instructor in a very clear way. I appreciated that I was able to complete the course at my leisure. Theresa was always very helpful and approachable as she was alway an e-mail away.

  7. Theresa is my MEPAP 2nd Edition instructor. I highly recommend her and her service. She has great communication skills and professional demeanor. She is reliable, dedicated, very well organized and offers outstanding level of service. Throughout the course she provided me with a constructive feedback, fostered interaction and involvement through the “cyber world”, facilitated and encouraged my learning with great professionalism and friendly attitude. it was my pleasure working with Theresa and I hope to continue my professional development with her guidance and help.I am exited to learn and gain the necessary knowledge to better serve our elderly population!

  8. Hi Theresa,

    I just wanted to say thank you for you guidance and support. I just recently received my nationally recognized, ADC certification and I am very excited. Your course fit perfect into my life and your support, knowledge and guidance throughout the course, is well appreciated. I have been in Activities for almost 10 years now, and I am now able to advance myself in the field. Gaining full knowledge of regulations, resident care, and programing is essential and has given me the confidence I need. Your course and the completion of my ADC certification has opened up many new avenues for me, and I thank you for that. “) Keep up the great work! The clients we serve appreciate it to! Eric, ADC “)

  9. The course was great! It was money well spent and I’ve learned so much. I’m excited to take all I’ve learned and implement it into my work place. It’s given me the confidence to be a true “Activity Professional”.
    Thank You Theresa

  10. I was extremely fortunate to take the MEPAP 2 course from Ms.Theresa Thorland. My only regret is that I didn’t choose to enroll in her MEPAP 1 edition course.The Modules in this particular lesson encouraged hands on engagement and individual creativity. Ms.Thorland served as a positive motivator and supporter throughout.
    I am very confident that I will excel in this field due to the new found knowledge acquired.
    Sincere best wishes forwarded to the program!

    Marari B.

  11. The MEPAP course is comprehensive in its presentation of material and content. The availability of Theresa and Dave gave personal oversight and allowed easy communication throughout the program. Professionalism is key and I was pleased the MEPAP course exceeded my expectations.

  12. Hi Theresa, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I will definately recommend you to anyone who would like to take the MEPAP 1 & 11 courses. You are an amazing lnstructor and God bless you. I really appreciate you for being so kind in returing all my emails and questions. Once again, thank you for walking me through the process to earn my ADC.

  13. I thought that the class was very well done. Theresa was always available for any questions. On Sunday afternoons when I had a question and sent her an email, I received the answer right away. I did enjoy this class thoroughly. I learned a lot in this class and have already used some of the information that I learned. I would definitely recommend this program.
    Thank you again,Theresa for your encouragement and help.

  14. Hi Theresa and Dave, your MEPAP course is well crafted, very comprehensive, and very informative. I will definitely and highly recommend your class to anyone in the field. To be in your class is certainly rewarding because there is so much to learn and I personally much more confident now than I did before. Your are always open to questions and responding so promptly and quick. I will take pride of what I accomplished in this course and thank you for a valuable experience. Keep up the good work! God Bless!

  15. I just finished MEPAP 1&2
    What an amazing journey this has been. I have learned so much and I use the information daily! I have course binders sitting on my desk and I use them as reference tools often.
    The courses are great for preparing you for a career As an Activity Director.
    The courses are very manageable and accommodating to busy schedules.
    All emails are answered quickly. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience.
    I highly recommend this course!!!

  16. I just finished the MEPAP 2 course with Theresa and Dave. This was a great class that really helped me see were I wanted to be as a leader and director. The class was well organized and easy for me to understand. I have two small children and was able to do this class at my own pace. They were always available to help and answer any questions that I had. They were quick to respond to my emails and really worked with me and encouraged me to finish when I needed motivation. Thank you so much for all of your help and making my experience a great one!!! I would recommend this course to anyone! Thanks again

  17. It has been a long journey with Theresa – but she was encouraging, supportive and so helpful every step of the way! I could not have gotten through this course without her support. The lay-out of the course, the resources available-including Theresa herself-and her wonderful, caring, funny, professional and helpful way were the main reason for my success in getting through the MEPAP courses! When I realized she offered CEU classes I was thrilled because I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to get my CEU’s as well. The CEU classes that Theresa offers are in the same format as the MEPAP courses so it was an easy transition. I have learned so much that I have already used in my job as an Activity Assistant. I look forward to the future and no matter what happens I have gained so much knowledge about this field all with the help of Theresa (and Dave)!

  18. I took MEPAP I and II from Theresa (and Dave) and I’m so happy I did. They are wonderful to work with. Questions would be answered fast, even in the evenings. I had not been in school for 27 years and did not think I would enjoy it. I did, once I started I could not stop. Thanks to how fast they would answerer questions and how easy the assignment were to follow from start to finish I was done in 6 months. I have been a activity assistant for years and taking this class has gave me so much more knowledge on how to find new ideas for activities and to make the day more fun for the residents. I can say you will be very happy that you found Theresa for the classes. You will enjoy them and even miss it when it’s all done. I was worried about the exam needed for the certification but it was a breeze thank to all Theresa has taught me.

  19. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank Theresa for teaching and supporting me through this class. I have learned lots from this course! I have worked in a SNF for about 7 years with 5 being in the activities department. I have learned new ideas and solutions on how to handle, program and meet the needs for better patient centered care. If I ever had any type of questions, Theresa was always just an email away. This was extremely helpful and encouraging knowing that I had someone who I could always ask. I would highly recommend this course for ALL who work in activity professional type setting with elder adults. Thank you again Theresa! Keep up the great work!

    Marquis Plum Ridge

  20. My name is Cindy McMurtrey. I took this course, in part, because of the glowing recommendations. Now, I too, can offer a glowing recommendation. Theresa was ALWAYS available; if I sent an email, an email was back to me within a very, very short time and always with the help I needed or requested. I suffered a setback early on with work related situations and it was Theresa that reached out to me (so hands on!) and encouraged me to finish the course when I didn’t think I could. I cannot thank Theresa (and Dave) enough for their professionalism, information and encouragement. I highly recommend this course for anyone who’s interested in becoming certified.

  21. My name is Michaela. I was Medical Records at the facility I work at for the mentally ill, mentally retarded, and traumatic brain injury residents. I also have a degree in legal. Our Activity Director left on short notice, and I was asked to step into the position. Not knowing much about what I was getting myself into, I was also told I had to take a class. I was nervous as can be at first. After reading the material and talking to Theresa, I had a better understanding. Theresa was extremely helpful ANYTIME I had a question. She was also very understanding that the facility I work in is not a typical nursing home. Theresa helped me understand the need of the Activity Department in many different aspects. I would like to send a huge Thank You out to Theresa for responding quickly and always being understanding. I appreciate the time you take to make all your students feel comfortable in the class and all the information that you pass along. I have taken many of the ideas you have sent and implemented them in our schedule. Once again, Thank You for all you did for me throughout this course. It was an amazing learning experience!!

  22. I am the 4th generation of health care in my family. I have been a cna for 30 years, hha for 20. I have worked in Activities, within the past year. In December of 2016, I accepted the new position of Activity Director in my facility. Theresa Thorland’s course has taught me many things/areas of learning to be the best Activity Director I can be. It definitely has given me KNOWLEDGE, which is the first step of “Self Empowerment”. Since taking this course, I have learned many things, and will continue utilizing the learning tools and other tools, in the future. The course is a great reference for the new beginners and an “upgrade” for the veterans of Activity Directors. Best of all, it gives you 6 months to complete it, although, in all reality, it doesn’t take that long. The research and assignments are very resourceful. THANK YOU, THERESA for the links, emails, and feed back on assignments. YOU”RE AWESOME… 🙂 ..
    The course is also easy to follow, understandable and Theresa always makes time for answering emails, questions, etc.. She gives feedback for the assignments after she receives them, and shares what surveyors are looking for in each area. I have found many new activities suitable for the different cognition levels, using my creativity. I have also found my voice, and have been using it in advocating for the residents of my facility, getting our volunteer program on track, utilizing my “learning tools”, as I go, and gaining more knowledge, allowing me to express my thoughts in a professional tone and behavior. I know all I do is appreciated, through the residents I represent, and the staff as well. Being a positive role model is a compliment to the ones we serve every day. It is my goal to be as contagious as I can be, allowing others to see the positive outcome and paying it forward. 🙂

  23. I have worked in health care for almost 16 years, over 15 of that as an activity director. When I started, I took a basic activity director course, but I always had wanted to become certified. Time was always an issue, working full time and being a mother of 2 very active children it seemed impossible to find a way to take the classes I needed. Last year my administrator encouraged me to finish the process and I have now taken both MEPAP’s I and II under Ms. Thorland, and I can honestly say I am so happy I did. I have learned so much from both the classes. Even after being in the industry for as long as I have, I was excited to learn more. There were organizational techniques, audits to ensure the programs are meeting the needs of the residents, management techniques and much, much more. Best decision I have ever made.

  24. I recently completed my course to get Oregon state certified as an Activity Director. I learned so much and Theresa was there whenever I had a question. She was also so flexible working with me and getting the course work turned in due to being in a completly new position at work at the same time. Upon finishing the course I was accepted as the new Activity Director of all three foster homes I work for. I would highly reccomend this course.

  25. I want to thank Theresa for the support, guidance and encouragement she provided to me as I navigated my way through this course. As a COTA/L I made a lateral move from therapy into the activity department; and felt it was important to earn my certification and become an activity director. I was a bit intimidated to take on this new challenge; but it didn’t take me long to realize I was in good hands. Theresa has designed this program in a manner which works for those with busy schedules. I found this course to be organized, insightful, thought provoking and completely worthwhile. I gained knowledge about the activity profession that I have shared with my staff. I learned about my strengths and more importantly, my weaknesses , which can only improve my performance as a leader and activity professional. I am happy I chose this course and would encourage others to do so as well.

  26. I completed MEPAP 1 and 2 with Theresa, and recently passed the exam for ADC. Taking the course with Theresa worked well with my schedule. I was able to move through the course requirements at my own speed which was necessary as I work full time and always have additional responsibilities to attend to. Theresa was very accommodating with her time and knowledge. She would return phone calls and emails timely, usually with additional information sheets or suggested references attached. When times were frustrating, her words of encouragement were welcomed and appreciated. Thank you Theresa for being a great educator, resource and activity champion. I highly recommend Theresa for those seeking to take this course.

  27. I recently completed my course work and exams for ADC! Working with Theresa was great, she was always there for any questions that I may have had. This is a very flexible and informative course. I would highly recommend this course and instructor.

  28. I completed the MEPAP I & II with Theresa. This program content is very well organized & easy to understand, the support and knowledge I received from Theresa is priceless. Each module that I submitted, she would always provide such great feedback. I really appreciated the home study option. With a busy life, being a mom to teenagers and a four year old, working & life in general this home study was a huge plus for me. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Dream Big!

    Tasha, ADC

  29. I completed mepap 1 and 2 with Theresa. I absolutely love this course with her. Very convenient and organized! She is always available for questions and offering resources. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to become certified.

  30. A sincere thank you for truly being one of the best online professors I have ever had. I have appreciated your encouraging and motivating comments through out this course. The lay-out is well organized, the book is a keeper, it is user friendly, and the self- pace plan is not stressful. Most of all, you are wonderfully accessible and responsive creating a close connected feeling in the vast cyber space universe. Thank you for your friendship and expertise. I will most definitely recommend you and your program, and hope to stay in touch. God Bless you in all the good you do.

  31. She has the soul of a giver, the acumen of a skilled educator and the heart of a surrogate mother who only wants you to succeed. Theresa was always available for every macro and micro question , encouraging and forthcoming with all the experience she has accrued in her life. The book encapsulates pertinent and interesting information about the field and Theresa’s homework questions make you think and learn to prepare for your exam and your field. She cares not just about the course but you. I am just about to take my exam for Mepap 1 and 2.” Mother Theresa” so to speak told me not to worry . If you can not find a venue to study with a class, then I unequivocally recommend her as your educator and mentor. Thank you for this trajectory in my life Theresa

  32. My name is Abigail Jansky. I have been working in long-term health care for almost five years. I started as a volunteer in a nursing home right after high school before an Activity Assistant position opened up that I took. It was not until the fall of 2018 that I decided I wanted to become an Activity Director. I love the work I do, and I want to make a career out of something I enjoy doing everyday: helping and giving other people a quality of life. I am so happy that I was connected with Theresa through NCCAP. I just completed MEPAP Part 1 and I am starting MEPAP Part 2. I cannot say enough on how Theresa has helped me out in sending me extra information for assignments. I really appreciated how Theresa would send me activity ideas or PDF files of information on assignments that I was completing. All the extra effort in doing this went unnoticed Theresa! I have learn so much though MEPAP Part 1! I have learned more in these six months than I did working in the nursing home in the Activity Department for four and a half years! My coworker even purchased the text book (for MEPAP Part 1) for her own use and information in Activities. Theresa is very encouraging in commenting on my assignments that I had completed. Reading Theresa’s emails about my completed assignments would always make my day, and motivate me to continue to the next assignment. Theresa would respond back right away to my emails, and would let me know when she would review my assignments. I could always count on her! Theresa has a wealth full of wisdom and knowledge to share with those who are in the process of becoming an Activity Director/Professional. I would highly recommend Theresa to anyone who would be interested in becoming an Activity Director. Thank you Theresa for helping me in the process of becoming an Activity Director, and giving me understanding and a heart for the elderly! This is a career I will never regret pursuing!

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